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The Sultan’s Seal – April 2021

Baba and the Pontiac

Michigan Quarterly Review Online.

Also appears as a chapter in Beyond Memory: An Anthology of Contemporary Arab American Creative Nonfiction 

Safynaz Kazem vs Fallible Men

ArabLit Quarterly – Spring 2020. Includes, in addition to the essay, my translation of selections from Romantikiyat by Safynaz Kazem, 1970

Reading Mahfouz in Michigan

Mada Masr – How Midaq Alley was received by American students of a high school English class in Michigan.

The Arabist (interview)

Mada Masr – with Trevor LeGassick

You can read part two here.

Reading Miki In Egypt: Gobal Media in Local Context

(MSc dissertation – awarded Distinction from LSE)